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July 17 2017



yeah we joke about Jack being 110% but Kent traveled across the country to convince a guy he hooked up with a few times 5 years ago to join his hockey team…. how extra is that

He offered to strongarm his bosses into offering his ex a multimillion dollar contract. What the fuck Kenny.

July 11 2017

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#get you a girl who can do both

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Gabrielle Ray & Dorothy Craske in Lady Madcap, 1905.
(via Summertime76)



Can we make it a new rule that everyone who wants to write anal sex has to stick their finger up their own butt first bc there’s poo up there, you can’t just….suddenly decide to have sex this doesn’t work without unfortunate dick poo

I mean barring stomach issues there shouldn’t be poo in the rectum unless you currently need to go to the toilet? 😂😂😂 It’s totally possible to have clean anal sex without cleaning out first, as long as you’ve been to the toilet earlier in the day. TBH actually using an enema can make things 5 million times worse because it doesn’t all get out right away. 👀

Source: I frequently “suddenly decide to have anal sex” and have only regretted it once, back in 2011 😂

that makes….sense in my context. the more you know!

July 10 2017

Can we make it a new rule that everyone who wants to write anal sex has to stick their finger up their own butt first bc there’s poo up there, you can’t just….suddenly decide to have sex this doesn’t work without unfortunate dick poo

July 06 2017

guess who has 700 words so far of Sirius stealing Harry and refusing to let Dumbledore give him to the Dursleys fic so far (it’s me)

i worry about characters in fics who go to bed without cleaning their teeth. like, that is not acceptable dental hygiene, character who is canonically abled, your enamel is going to go to shit.

July 02 2017

last night @teterrimous came up with the best crackship: danny williams/kamekona. we have no justification, but i ship it.

July 01 2017

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Happy birthday to me (there are only oreos on half the cake bc they would go soggy)

June 30 2017

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This is such a good and pure church sign

June 27 2017



















samtaims ai vonder if inglis spiiking piipöl aar eiböl tu riölais thät ai äm äksöli vraiting in inglish rait nau bat tsast vith veri finnish spelling

sou if juu spiik inglish bat not finnish kän juu pliis reblog änd liiv ö komment on tis post tänk juu veri mats

Sammteims ei wonda iff inglisch schbieking pipel ahr ebel tu rieleis set ei ehm ecktschuli reiting in inglisch reit nauh batt schast wiss währi tschörmen schbelling

So iff ju schbiek inglisch batt nott tschörmen kenn ju plies riplock end lief eh kommänt on dies pust senk ju wäri matsch

tänk juu for joor tsörman kontribjuusson, ai äpprishieit it veri mats. änd it oolsou helps mii tu gräsp tö essens of tsörman äksent

Samtajms aj vonder if ingliš spíking pípl ár ejbl tu rielajz det aj em ekšuely rajting in ingliš rajt náv bat džast vit veri slovak speling. Sou if jú spík ingliš bat not slovak ken jú plís riblog end lív en koment on tiz poust tenk jú veri mač

Самтаймз ай вондр иф иньглиш спикинь пийпль ар эйбль ту риэлайз дзят ай эм экшуалий райтинь ин иньглиш райт нау бат джаст виць вейрий рашин спеллинь. Со иф ю спик иньглиш бат нот рашин кэн ю плиз риблог энд лив э комент ан дзис пост цянк ю вейрий мач

Samtæms æ wonda if ínglis spíking pípl ar eybel tú ríalæs ðet æ em ektsuali ræting in ínglis ræt ná bat dsast við veri æslendik speling

so if jú spík ínglis bat nott æslendik ken jú plís ríblog end líf a komment on ðis post þenk jú veri mats

Samtaims ai uonder if inglisc spiching pipol ar eibol tu rialais det i em acscualli raiting in inglisc rait nau bat dez uid veri italian spelling. sou if iu spic inglisc bat not italian chen iu plis riblog end liv a comment on dis post tenk iu veri macc’. 

sumtaimes ai wundère eef angliche peepole ar ébl tu rayolize zat i am actualie ritin en angliche rite nau bat dees iz veri french spélling. sau if u speec angliche bat nut french plis cun u reeblog end leev a commant en deez post tank u veri muche

somtajms ai wonde if inglisj spieking piepel ar ebel toe riëlais det ai em eksjelie wraiting in inglisj rait nau but djust wif verrie dutsj spelling

so if joe spiek inglisj but not dutsj ken joe plies rieblok ent lief uh komment on dis poost tenk joe verrie mutsj

Samtajms aj łonder if inglisz spikink pipul ar ejbul tu rielajs dat aj em akczueli rajtink in inglisz rajt nał bat dżast łif weri połlisz spelink

Soł if ju spik inglisz bat not połlisz ken ju plis riblok ent lif a koment on dis połst fenk ju weri macz

somtaghms aigh bhondar iobh iunglois spíocang píopal ár éabal ta ríalaghs dat aigh eim aicsiúlaí raghtuing in iunglois raght nadh bot diost bhot bhéirí aighris spoiling

sómh iobh dhiú spíoc iunglois bot nát aighris cean dhiú plíos ríoblág eand líomh a camoint án dus póst taenc dhiú bhéirí moit

sʌmtaɪmz aɪ wʌndɚ ɪf ɪnglɪʃ spikɪŋ pipl ɚ eɪbl̩ tə ɹilaɪs ðæt aɪ æm ækʃəli ɹaɪɾɪŋ ɪn ɪnglɪʃ ɹaɪt naʊ bʌt dʒʌst ɪn ði ɪntɚnæʃʌnl̩ foʊnɛɾɪk ælfəbɛt

soʊ ɪf ju spik ɪnglɪʃ bʌt nɑt aɪ pi eɪ kæn ju pliz ɹiblɑg ænd liv ə kɑmənt ɑn ðɪs post θænk ju vɚɹi mʌtʃ

ソムタイムズ アイ ワォンダー イッフ イングリッシュ スピキング ピーパル アル エーブル ツ リアーライズ ザット アイ エッム アックシャリー ライティング イン イングリッシュ ライット ナオ バット ジャスット ウイッス ベッリ ジャパニーズ スペリング。

ソ イッフ ユー スピック イングリッシュ バット ノット ジャパニーズ プリーズ リブロッグ アンッド リーヴ ア コメンット オン ディッス ポスット サンク ユー ベリー マッチュ。 

samtaims ai uandăr if ingliș spiking pipăl ar eibăl tu riălaiz zet ai em ecșuali riating in ingliș rait nau băt giast uiz a veri rumeiniăn speling. său if iu spic ingliș băt not rumeiniăn chen iu pliz riblog end liv a coment on zis post senk iu veri maci. 

Sometimes I wonder why non English speakers are like this

because it’s a funny harmless joke at the expense of the world’s current lingua franca, whose native speakers often make fun of the ‘weird’ accents and pronounciation of people who very likely speak at least one more language then they do.


Bitch👏how👏do👏you👏call👏these👏people👏"“non-english speakers”“👏👏👏👏👏
Literally the only language used in this post is English

סומטימס אי ווונדר איף אינגליש ספיקינג פיופל אר אייבל טו ריאליז תט אי אם אקטואלי ריטינג אין אינגליש רייט נאו בוט ג’וסט ווית וורי היברו ספלינג. סו איף יו ספיק אינגליש בוט נוט היברו קן יו פליז ריבלוג אנד ליב א כומנט ון תיס פוסט תנק יו וורי מוצ’. 

June 25 2017

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A modern demon trap as thanks for @yidquotes! Ancient Jewish people would make Babylonian incantation bowls - “demon traps” or wards to protect people in a household. The center is my own spin on the little crude demon drawings, and the spiraling texts are prayers and blessings and wards for life’s metaphorical “demons.” 

My hebrew handwriting is hardly what you’d call calligraphy worthy - I copied directly from verses from Chabad and Ritualwell’s website, and of course, the english goes in the opposite directions. 

I had lots of fun doing this! In my mind, the incantation bowls of the past were ways we could ease our anxieties and remedy things we didn’t yet know how to manage with therapy or medication, or just to speak with G-d about naming and trapping our troubles or concerns. I looked up some of the formulas commonly found in incantation bowls and used some of the linguistic quirks like “by this name or any other” - as a way to cover your bases with synonyms, basically.  This small trap is against anxiety or depression, with blessings for health and happiness. 

Anyways I’ve been thinking of doing more of these. I have clay for small bowls, trading card sized artist cards like these, or might try larger paintings - maybe do them on commission, if anyone would be interested! 

Shabbat shalom!

Text reads in spirals (with translation):

Keep reading

so hebrew has a pattern called קטלטל where you repeat the last syllable of a word to perform the same function as the english suffix -ish when applied to an adjective (or it’s a diminuitive when applied to a noun). it’s common with colours – blue (כחול) –> blueish (כחלחל).

my only complaint is that when you translate them back into english, it sounds inherently WAY funnier than the hebrew. סגלגל (s’galgal) < purplurple. 

but the crowning glory of this form is שחמחם. it comes from the word שחום, which is a combination of the word for black (שחור) and the word for brown (חום) essentially creating the hebrew equivalent of the word ‘blown’, meaning ‘dark brown’. but, and here’s the true genius, hebrew took that a STEP FURTHER. because by putting it into  קטלטל, it creates a word that is essentially blownown and that’s beautiful. 

June 22 2017

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Swedish third league team Kiruna IF are from now playing in rainbow jersey and are working towards becoming the first LGBT certified sports organization.The toilets in their home arena will be gender neutral, the team will give lectures in schools and players will take part in the Pride Festival in Stockholm.

Our sport is very masculine. You must have a high pain threshold. You should not be a sissy or gay. It is terms of abuse in our sport. Just because of that we want to do this, now we want to change this.

One hundred people around the team, from players to leaders and caretakers, is going on a full day and three half-day lectures on openness to other religions, gender, and particularly sexual orientation.

“Kiruna is macho city number one. We drive the biggest trucks, hit with sledgehammers in the mine and plays hockey. The contrasts are now becoming extreme. We want to break the myth of the northern man, and if Kiruna and Kiruna hockey want to evolve, there must be room for everyone.”

so i’m introducing someone to the mountain goats. i’ve been given a road trip to do it in, which i feel is very appropriate. i am……………..very nervous????

we’ve established that they prefer the hifi stuff, though i’m gonna grandfather all hail west texas in because fuck you that’s why

i feel like the sunset tree and tallahassee, at least, need to be listened to as a cohesive whole, so i’m just gonna do that, but i’m floundering a little in the sheer breadth of options for the rest. does anyone have any suggestions?

June 19 2017



when ur scrollin’ thru ao3 and you come across a fic where the title is relatively long, and in all lowercase

#i feel called out on multiple levels

How to laugh in Russian


Ахахахаха - “oh, yes,yes, it’s funny!”
Ехехехехех - “it’s funny, but not enough ”
Лол (лул, лал) - it’s a typical “lol” but you can change the vowel to any other vowel. This changing means nothing. It’s just…funny:)
ХД (хд, :D) - it’s the easiest way to laugh, as you understand it is “XD”

Why Amethyst not hating herself anymore is not out of the blue - or an Amethyst development analysis season per season


This was originally a reply to another post, but people asked me to write it as it’s own post so why not.

Amethyst’s character development has happened on screen apparently this need clarification since early season 1.

In the episode “Tiger Millionaire”, season 1 is when we are first introduced to Amethyst’s inferiority complex. We learn she doens’t feel appreciated by the gems and uses wrestling to feel better about herself.


In the end, the gems let her wrestle, recognizing how pressured Amethyst felt.

The next important episode in Amethyst’s development is “On the Run”, season 1. We learn how she was made in the Kindergarten and how she sees herself as bad because of it.


She thinks Pearl sees her as “a mistake” and the episode ends when Pearl reassures her that she think Ame’s good and the two reconcile.


This is the first step of Amethyst’s development.

Keep reading

June 17 2017

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what a very secular vocab list from a very secular textbook at my very secular university

Part of learning a language is learning the culture associated with it - if you don’t have an understanding of the culture, you haven’t really learned the language (as a side note, this is one of the problems with programs like Rosetta Stone - the vocab taught is the same across all languages and there’s absolutely zero culture taught because the program is a cookie cutter formula). And Hebrew is inextricably bound up with Jewish culture. But even if it weren’t AS closely tied, it would still be entirely expected to learn about the culture’s religious practices while learning a language - as someone who took 14 years of Spanish in school, I can tell you you’d be pretty hard-pressed to learn Spanish properly without picking up a lot of things about Catholicism. Learning about a culture’s religious practices while learning a language does not negate the secular nature of one’s studies - it is necessary to adequately prepare the student to interact with individuals of that culture in their native language. No one is telling you you have to believe in the religion, you’re just learning relevant content that you will likely encounter.

I imagine that Lag BaOmer and the wedding part are included in the vocab list as part of a culture lesson in the book. If you go to Israel (the only place that Modern Hebrew is practically useful) on Lag BaOmer, even if you are not religious or Jewish, you will not be able to miss the gigantic bonfires literally all over the place. Knowing what Lag BaOmer is and why there are fires all over the place that day is an important aspect of culture. Similarly, even non-religious Jews in Israel have religious weddings, unless they specifically leave the country to get married, and the wedding phrase there is part of that cultural experience.

Im yirtzeh Hashem and b’ezrat Hashem are just straight-up vocabulary, pure and simple. Though you’ll hear them more frequently from religious people, I have DEFINITELY heard secular Israelis say b’ezrat Hashem before. This is true in plenty of other languages as well; I’ve heard atheist friends use English phrases that contain the word G-d, and in Spanish classes they’ll always teach you the word ojalá, which is derived from the Arabic for “G-d willing,” not in a religious context at all, because it is something you will encounter in Spanish.

Ah yeah sorry I wasn’t trying to be dismissive, I’m religious and anticapitalist and I’m really enjoying how this textbook is also religious and anticapitalist. I’m not of the view of this Haaretz article because I think basic Jewish literacy is a good thing for secular Jews (and lbr, those textbooks are being used in Jewish neighbourhoods, not mixed or Arab ones). Obviously, the Haaretz article does bring up some genuinely problematic examples, but my textbook is very secular when it’s not, you know, asking me to identify all the body parts mentioned in a specific psalm – it has women wearing pants, plenty of entirely non-religious content.

I’m really enjoying how there’s infinitely more Jewish content in this textbook than you would ever find in an Australian textbook, and I am gently poking fun because this is as secular as Israeli textbooks get.;

June 16 2017


If you hate Gal Gadot for her involuntary military service as a combat trainer because of Israel’s crimes, but don’t critique, say Morgan Freeman or Adam Driver (or any other American actor who once served…) for voluntarily contributing to American imperialism, no matter when or how they served, maybe your issue isn’t actually with imperialism/bigotry and maybe you have an antisemitism thing to look into.

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