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May 18 2018


So I’ve been listening more to The Bright Sessions (I’m up to episode 8) and it’s like

Sam: I gotta manipulate her into showing me her powers!

Chloe: I gotta make her control her abilities so she doesn’t end up reading my sketchy thoughts!

Caleb: Let’s fuckin get this kid LAIIIID

May 13 2018

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Please, Dumbledore, just look behind for once in your fucking life.

May 10 2018

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In a turn of events that surprises exactly no one, it turns out that Jews like Dungeons and Dragons, a game that involves lots of books, lots of rules, and lots of arguing.

@dafyomilimerick replied to your photo:

“Anything is within your alignment if you can make a convincing case to the DM. The rest is commentary. Go and learn.” – Rabbi Hillel, 25th level Cleric.

reach heaven thru nerd shit

May 04 2018

concept: I translate my animorphs fic into hebrew

April 25 2018

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I was younger than you are now
When I was given my first command
I led my men straight into a massacre
I witnessed their deaths first-hand
I made every mistake
And felt the shame rise in me
And even now I lie awake
Knowing history has its eyes on me






so I was going through the loss.jpg tag and people are getting angry because of how miscarriage isn’t a funny thing. And that’s true! Miscarriage is a sad thing and not at all something okay to laugh at!

But the thing that makes loss.jpg funny is because of how it’s bad storytelling. When you want a funny comic, you often have simplistic, similarly arranged panels to deliver the punchline. It’s funny because of either something being said or something changing! (Buckley could work on the funny though.)

See, Garfield is a good example of this:

Almost all of those panels have the same two figures in roughly the same spot. This helps accentuate how the last panel (the punchline panel, if you will) is different!

Ctrl+Alt+Del is a comic series that kept to this pattern:

Here, again, we have panels arranged simply, and the figures in the same  arrangement (height and placement, if you will) so that people pay attention to the text. The text is the funny part here, so there is no reason for the figures to change much.

But loss.jpg is a serious piece. I mean, I’ve never experienced this, but I’m willing to bet that if I or my spouse or my friend experienced a miscarriage or something, I’d be devastated! However, it kept to the silly, simplistic format.

“Well, okay.” you say. “How do you convey serious emotions in comics?”

And that depends on the emotion! The regular squares of the above comics enforce a sense of regularity. Meanwhile, with, like, an action comic, the panels will often be misshapen and crooked to give the idea that woah! something is happening.

Woah!! that guy almost go eaten by a dino thingy. It’s chaotic and confusing- meanwhile if you had put that into our “loss” format, the action would seem to have been much less important. In fact, you could almost say that it looked funny! See what I’m getting at?

“Okay. But whateverhisnameis from CAD isn’t fighting dinosaurs. Would he need those wacky panels?”

Well, sort of! You might want a misaligned panel for the panel when he opens the door, because I’m pretty sure he’s slamming it open, not gently pushing the door aside. But for the other panels, it would seem DragonBall Z levels of overdramatic to have WOAHH ACTION panels. You’d want something that isn’t too repetitive, thought. Something like this!

Here, the panels are pretty regular. But the placement of the figures is different according to each panel, creating that difference that we need to keep the actions from seeming funny. Sure, nobody is throwing punches, but there is something serious going on!! This isn’t perceived as funny because the figures are different per each panel.

Compare to loss.jpg and what do we have?

we have figures all positioned about knee height, with our protagonist always on the left, and always facing right. The last panel is almost always the punchline panel- that’s why people think that loss.jpg is people laughing at miscarriage. It’s not.

So what would make loss.jpg look like the serious story it’s trying to convey?

I scribbled this in 5 minutes in paint, but here’s my idea of what a better “loss” would look like:

He bursts through the doors and rushes to the receptionist, who directs him to the doctor. As he steps into the hospital room, he sees his wife crying and approaches to comfort her.

Is this perfect? Probably not! I’m honestly just learning comic theory right now. But does it convey the serious and honestly sad story of loss.jpg? Yes! You can’t tell a serious story in a silly manner. It’s like trying to tell a WWII survivor’s story with wingdings font. Using the wrong tools and techniques will get the wrong story across.

TL;DR loss.jpg’s punchline is that Tim Buckley needs to learn how to tell a story, not that miscarriage is in any way funny

loss.jpg inspires a quality little art lesson.

Of course the original comic isn’t only funny because of its awkward execution, but that it came out of nowhere as a sudden injection of cheap “drama” into a joke-a-day gaming comic written by a big old creep.

a thorough breakdown AND some really helpful tips for comic artists!

I’ll add that a trick I’ve seen in comics (Look, I’m a storyteller, not an artist) but you can use the layout of the frames as a stand in for physicality, so the nurse could be pointing, literally, at the doctor in the next frame, instead of just arbitrarily.

Remember that while the panels don’t exist in the art, they’re part of how you convey the order of the comic, and the art composition can take advantage of that!

I just want access to the masters, so I can produce a comic where the panels are identical except that in the last panel she’s smiling and holding a baby and everyone’s happy, which I then export as a .PNG, captioned “if only Tim Buckley had used PNG”.

And three computer geeks will get it and everyone else will say “why do you need the masters, you can just download the jpeg from the site”.

April 23 2018

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i wanted to explain why this part of pacific rim upsets me, with diagrams

he comes from tazzie

thats in the wrong direction…hes coming from the north. hes from the gold coast

he strolled down from mosman


April 05 2018

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oh no, you don’t!

now for some real quotes from the book…:

‘it seems - almost impossible - that Black could have entered the school without inside help. i did express my concerns when you appointed -‘

i always thought that snape’s point of view might be giving us a glimpse of how close remus and sirius really were. 

i mean. if snape thought that remus’ closest friends were james or/and lily it wouldnt make sense for him to think that remus was helping sirius. because sirius was an azkaban fugitive that had betrayed james and lily. but if he thought that sirius and remus had something else going on, something deeper, like a

look at you two, quarreling like an old married couple.

thing going on. THEN! it would make sense why Snape was so suspicious of Remus in the first place.

he must have seen something deeper going on between them to be so sure that remus was on sirius side, wouldn’t he? 

and i just re-read the last chapters of PoA, and the way they act together, from everything sirius says… its pretty clear why snape would think that they would be aligned. 

in that chapter there’s no sirius-james alliance or exclusivity. everything they mention includes MOONY and PADFOOT. everything is done TOGETHER. sirius often refers to peter as being weaker and lower than the rest of them, but remus is his equal. 

Yes, I always thought it was interesting that it was strange Snape should suspect Remus of helping Sirius when everyone believed Sirius betrayed and (directly or indirectly) killed Remus best friends. It doesn’t matter how close friends you are with someone, that type of betrayal should destroy everything. Lesser betrayals have. But then, if we think of Snape, and the way he idealizes love – his own for Lily, singular, eternal – it makes a little more sense if we think he saw something similar between Remus and Sirius. Snape would certainly forgive Lily anything, and would hope she might forgive him – he would want to be able to see that kind of forgiveness from Remus, to believe that Lily might forgive his betrayal.

March 19 2018





















for chinese new year they get all these famous actors and comedians together and they do a lil show and one of the comedians was like “i was in a hotel in america once and there was a mouse in my room so i called reception except i forgot the english word for mouse so instead i said ‘you know tom and jerry? jerry is here’

jerry is here

my chinese teacher once shared this story in class about someone who went to the grocery to buy chicken, but they forgot the english word for it, so they grabbed an egg, went to the nearest sales lady and said “where’s the mother”

When I was a teenager, we went to Italy for the summer holidays. We are German, neither of us speaks more than a few words of Italian. That didn’t keep my family from always referring to me when they wanted something translated because “You’re so good with languages and you took Latin”. (I told them a hundred times I couldn’t order ice cream in Latin, they ignored that.) Anyway, my dad really loved a certain cheese there, made from sheep’s milk. He knew the Italian word for ‘cheese’ – formaggio – and he knew how to say ‘please’. And he had already spotted a little shop that sold the cheese. He asked me what ‘sheep’ was in Italian, and of course, I had no idea. So he just shrugged and said “I’ll manage” and went into the shop. 5 mins later, he comes out with a little bag, obviously very pleased with himself.
How did he manage it? He had gone in and said “'Baaaah’ formaggio, prego.”

I was done for the day.

This makes me feel better about every conversation I had in both Rome and Ghent.

I once lost my husband in the ruins of a French castle on a mountain, and trotted around looking for him in increasing desperation. “Have you seen my husband?” I asked some French people, having forgotten all descriptive words. “He is small, and English. His hair is the color of bread.”

I did not find my husband in this way.

In rural France it is apparently Known that one brings one’s own shopping bags to the grocery store. I was a visitor and had not been briefed and had no shopping bag. I saw that other people were able to conduct negotiations to purchase shopping bags, but I could not remember the word for “bag.”

“Can I have a box that is not a box,” I said.

The checkout lady looked extremely tired and said, “Un sac?” (A sack?)

Of course. A fucking sack. And so I did get a sack.

I once was at a German-American Church youth camp for two weeks and predictably, we spoke a whole lot of English. 

When I phoned my mom during week two I tried to tell her that it was a bit cold in the sleeping bag at night. I stumbled around the word in German because for the love of god, I could remember the Germwn word for sleeping bag.

“Yeah so, it’s like a bag you sleep in at night?”

“And my mother must probably have thought I lost my mind. She just sighed and was like ‘So, a Schlafsack, yes?”

Which is LITERALLY Sleeping sac … The German word is a basically a one on one translation of the English word and I just… I failed it. At my mother tongue. BIG

My former boss is Italian and she ended up working in a lab where the common language was English. She once saw an insect running through the lab and she went to tell her colleagues. She remembered it was the name of a famous English band so she barged in the office yelling there was a rolling stone in the lab…

I’m Spanish and have been living in the UK for a while now. I recently changed jobs and moved to a new office which is lost somewhere in the Midlands’ countryside. It’s a pretty quaint location, surrounded by forest on pretty much all sides, and with nice grounds… full of pheasants. I was pretty shocked when I drove in and saw a fucking pheasant strolling across the road. Calm as you please.

That afternoon I met up with some friends and was talking about the new job, and the new office, and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the English word for pheasants. So I basically ended up bragging to my friends about “the very fancy chickens” we had outside the office.

Best thing is, everyone understood what I meant.

I love those stories so much…

Picture a Jewish American girl whose grasp of the Hebrew language comes from 10+ years of immersion in Biblical and liturgical Hebrew, not the modern language. Some words are identical, while others have significantly evolved.

She gets to Israel and is riding a bus for the very first time.

American: כמה ממון זה? (”How much money?” but in rather archaic language)

Bus Driver: שתי זוזים. (”Two zuzim” – a currency that’s been out of circulation for millenia)

that’s hilarious

I am officially screamlaughing at my desk from that last one OH MY 

Does everyone know the prime minister who promised to fuck the country?

So in Biblical Hebrew the word for penis and weapon are the same. There is a verb meaning to arm, which modern Hebrew semanticly drifted into “fuck”: i.e. give someone your dick.

The minister was making a speech while a candidate, bemoning the state of the world. “The Soviet Union is fucking Egypt. Germany is fucking Syria. The Americans are fucking everyone. But who is fucking us? When I am prime minister, I will ensure we are fucked!”

What the hell Biblical Hebrew.

Just guessing: The path from something like “give someone a blade” to “give someone a blade, if you know what I mean ;)” is probably not that difficult or unlikely.

^Given that the Latin word for sheath (like, for a sword) is literally “vagina”, I can verify that this metaphor is a time-honored one. 

Oh yeah and one time my Latin professor was at this conference in Greece and his flight was canceled, so he needed to extend his hotel stay by one more night.

Except he doesn’t speak a lick of modern Greek, and the receptionist couldn’t speak English.  Or French.  Or German.  Or Italian.  (He tried all of them.)

Finally, in a fit of inspiration, he went upstairs and got his copy of Medea in the original Greek (you know, the stuff separated from modern Greek by two and a half thousand years).  He found the passage where Medea begs Jason to let her stay for one more day, went downstairs, and read it to the receptionist.

She laughed her head off, but she gave him the extra night.  

Reblogged just for Medea

when i was little my family went to denmark on holiday and since norwegian and danish are very similar we would just use norwegian but one morning my mom went to a bakery next to our room and asked if they had buns in norwegian only the word for bun in norwegian means fucked in danish so she asked the girl behind the counter if she had fucked 

One of the best bits about “weapon” and “dick” being the same in Hebrew is that one of the letters of the alef bet is ALSO that word. So it’s like reciting the alphabet goes: A, B, C, D, E, Dick, F, G….


today in Hebrew class we were learning colors and one of my classmates snorts when my teacher says the phrase ‘color red’, and they look at each other and snicker and repeat ‘color red’ in a mocking tone, and then it occurs to both of them that no one else in the room gets the joke

and the student explains that when she was visiting Israel, apparently whenever there were reports of rocket attacks, loudspeakers(?) everywhere would start blaring ‘COLOR: RED, COLOR: RED,’ which I imagine is like ‘CODE RED’ in English. aforementioned student said she found this out the hard way, when the town she was staying in got shelled, and she had to frantically look for the nearest shelter while the warning messages blasted through the streets

she finishes this anecdote and we’re all staring at her like 😦 and she and the teacher go right back to laughing about it like ‘so yeah, ha ha, COLOR RED’ 

When we were learning the words “house” “apartment” etc., we asked our Israeli teacher for the Hebrew word for “shelter” and she thought for a moment and said there wasn’t one, because the word “shelter” automatically means “bomb shelter”.

March 18 2018



i know ive blogged abt this before but does anyone else remember the study on the children w/ a broken furby who like. removed its skin and cut it into as many pieces as those who were present for the ceremony to be taken far away and buried as a means of appeasing it?? & they like?? defined the skin as the ghost and the rest as the goblin and both were angry that the children had killed it??????????????? please

I read about it in Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. here:


Keep reading

March 15 2018

equal parts boy and bird - facingthenorthwind (spacegandalf) - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]

The Ellimist had given him a glimpse of the human body he had always wanted. And then he had taken it away.

trans tobias, my beautiful bird son

March 13 2018

so i googled ‘chromatic character’ and i literally only got ao3 results, so i have several questions:

  • what’s the difference between chromatic character and Person/Character of Colour?
  • why is chromatic character ao3-specific?

March 06 2018

February 10 2018

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On February 11, a single athlete from Russia will take on the entire Canadian Women’s hockey team.

Who is she

The Russian Athlete reading this

February 01 2018





gonna start asking hockey dudes on tinder if they can define goaltender interference and if they give me any answer other than “i don’t know” i’m unmatching them

men? not disappointing me? what is this feeling

how do i tell these guys this post got 200+ notes on tumblr


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ok listen i made this meme in 2 whole minutes but i like to think it’s good





I honestly believe the whole “adults require less sleep” thing is honest to god probably a myth created by capitalism

It is.

i honestly believe that sleep deprivation is the biggest ignored/neglected root cause of health dangers that prematurely kill adults

ask me sometime about the role of sleep in the leptin ghrelin cycle and how its interruption destabilizes weight homeostasis

or about the new research showing that heart disease is not caused by fat, like we thought for years, but by inflammation in the circulatory system whose root cause is unknown but one of the prime suspects is, you guessed it, sleep deprivation

but nobody wants to hear that lack of sleep is killing people. employers don’t want to hear it. and god knows that having sold their waking hours to capitalism to survive workers don’t want to lose the only time they have left to them to live their lives, mostly stolen from sleep

i mean even i don’t want to do anything about it and i love  sleep, i just love overwatch more

this this this this this

our society places almost zero value on sleep

on enough sleep

on uninterrupted sleep

on regular, predictable, cycling sleep

all the evidence we have suggests sleep is really, really, really important to the processes of the human body, including both mental and physical health, and yet when was the last time you heard somebody suggest that people had a *right* to sufficient, regular sleep?

Reminder that 

- Humans are not meant to sleep for extended periods of uninterrupted sleep. 

By this I don’t mean “humans shouldn’t have 8+ hours of sleep a night”; I mean that we are supposed to sleep for four to five hours (ish), then get up and do something relaxing like reading for a half hour to an hour, then get another bout of four to five hours. This is what our bodies were designed for. 

Sleeping the whole night through was a fad started with the advent of the lightbulb. Sleeping the whole night through is so recent (and artificial) that First Sleep and Second Sleep are mentioned in Dickens’ novels.

- Lack of sleep for even a single night severely compromises your immune system.

If you’re planning on getting little sleep or pulling an all-nighter, make sure to eat lots of fruit and veggies/take vitamins that day. Or even better, get yourself some bee propolis. It’s a natural remedy used for thousands of years in Latin America and is insanely good for boosting up compromised immune systems (if you get the drop kind, put 3 to 4 drops in a spoonful of honey and mix well with a 2nd spoon to mask the strong taste). It has no side effects and is all but impossible to overdose on.

- According to several government bodies around the world, chronic lack of sleep is literally tied for 1st place as the worst kind of torture (the other is solitary isolation)

- Expecting a teen to get up for 8:30 classes is the equivalent of expecting an adult to be at work at 4 am.

After babies, teens are the age group that needs the most amount of sleep. Puberty is exhausting, and the body needs time to recharge. Ideally, a teen should be getting between 10 to 12 hours of sleep at the bare minimum. Most teens are lucky if they manage to get 8. And that’s a gigantic problem; not only does lack of sleep affect mood (which is extra significant when your hormones are already riding a rollercoaster to begin with), but also has massive effects on growth, which is kinda what the whole puberty thing is supposed to be about.

- According to research “starting work before 10 a.m. is tantamount to torture and is making staff sick and stressed”

- Humans were not designed to have the same sleep cycle across the species. Much the opposite in fact.

Night owls and morning people are an actual thing. Because we’re pack creatures, Nature came up with a clever way for our ancestors to always have someone on the lookout for predators and threats: make people naturally alert at varying times so that there’s always someone alert to keep watch. 

Forcing night owls to follow morning people’s sleep cycle means night owls live with what researchers have referred to as “permanent jetlag”.

citizen my gender is the republic






If Hugh Jackman can deadlift 405 pounds, he shouldn’t have settled merely for Marius. He could’ve picked up Enjolras as well. You know what, add Eponine. Street gamines can’t possibly weigh that much. Man let’s just add the whole of Les Amis (including Gavroche). It’s Hugh Jackman. He can take it. 

#valjean just picks up the whole barricade and leaves

“yes my child I forgot what your booby of a young man looks like so please pick one from the pile”

*tries to subtly tilt the more sensible looking ones towards cosette* 

#but imagine him trying really hard to get her to choose combeferre

“Look, Cosette, this one is practicing medicine! And he seems to have an extensive reserve of facts on things from moths to space!”

“Papa, I think that is Marius beneath him.”

“No it isn’t. But look at this Combeferre, his glasses truly frame his face.”


“Cosette. P L E A S E.”

The best part about this is that Valjean has no idea who his daughters dating, but damn it he knows it’s one of them, so he just takes everyone. The young doctor? Coming. The drunk one? Hopefully not, but bring him anyways. The small child? Might be the brother of whoever Cosette’s with, better bring him just in case. This young woman? Well, Cosette’s already proven she doesn’t tell Valjean everything, so she’s coming too.

And then the final confrontation between him and Javert. Valjean comes staggering out of the sewers holding a pile of people.


“Valjean, what the fuck-”


“How are you balancing all of them.”


“I’m not dealing with this, just go.”


“I said you can leave!”



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