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February 01 2018






If Hugh Jackman can deadlift 405 pounds, he shouldn’t have settled merely for Marius. He could’ve picked up Enjolras as well. You know what, add Eponine. Street gamines can’t possibly weigh that much. Man let’s just add the whole of Les Amis (including Gavroche). It’s Hugh Jackman. He can take it. 

#valjean just picks up the whole barricade and leaves

“yes my child I forgot what your booby of a young man looks like so please pick one from the pile”

*tries to subtly tilt the more sensible looking ones towards cosette* 

#but imagine him trying really hard to get her to choose combeferre

“Look, Cosette, this one is practicing medicine! And he seems to have an extensive reserve of facts on things from moths to space!”

“Papa, I think that is Marius beneath him.”

“No it isn’t. But look at this Combeferre, his glasses truly frame his face.”


“Cosette. P L E A S E.”

The best part about this is that Valjean has no idea who his daughters dating, but damn it he knows it’s one of them, so he just takes everyone. The young doctor? Coming. The drunk one? Hopefully not, but bring him anyways. The small child? Might be the brother of whoever Cosette’s with, better bring him just in case. This young woman? Well, Cosette’s already proven she doesn’t tell Valjean everything, so she’s coming too.

And then the final confrontation between him and Javert. Valjean comes staggering out of the sewers holding a pile of people.


“Valjean, what the fuck-”


“How are you balancing all of them.”


“I’m not dealing with this, just go.”


“I said you can leave!”



January 31 2018



when ur shoes get more backstory than u do

Why does this look like a skyrim loading screen


you idiots always complain about skyrim like ohh the dungeons suck the story suck yadda yadda thats bc ur not supposed to DO any of that dumb shit! ur supposed to roam naked and free and sneak into houses to make soup! it’s a soup game!




i need like………..some Noodle Incident political scandal names in the potterverse, does anyone have any ideas?

i’m real bad at this shit, but @birdsquirrel it occurs to me that this is surely directly down your alley

im so glad

  • The Buckingham Fizzing Whizbee Affair
  • The Great Flobberworming of 1898
  • The Ukraine-Scotland Dragon Exchange
  • Fortescue’s Folly
  • The Great Flobberworming of 1904
  • The Little Hogsmeade Debacle
  • The July Ashwinder Incident
  • The Mugwump Tea
  • The Mild Flobberworming of 1923
  • The Hogwarts-Castelobruxo Swivenhodge Affair
  • The Three Red Caps Case
  • Nifflermageddon
  • The Great and Terrible Flobberworming of 1972

oh my goddd d you’re amazing, thank you so much.

(can i talk to you more about these kinds of things or nah? hit me up if so, obviously zero pressure if not)

Judaism is less about believing and more about belonging. It is less about what we owe God, and more about what we owe each other, because we believe God cares more about how we treat each other than He does about our theology.
— Harold Kushner, To Life! (via gaytheology)

October 24 2017


the global software industry should all unanimously agree to going back to referring to installers as “wizards”, but permanently this time


everyone please play butterfly soup by @me-patra i promise u won’t regret it it’s abt gay asian girls who are baseball players and they’re in love and it’s so cute and wonderful and FREE!!! (but if you can donate bc she 10000% deserves it)

also to go into more detail but hopefully not get too spoilery (and i’m not done yet so i haven’t expanded on some things bc i’m not sure how they’ll go)

  • diya, min-seo, akarsha, and noelle are the four main characters and they’re all women of color
  • there are more women of color on the baseball team, including the captain who is a black woman, and a hijabi woman 
  • diya is socially awkward (realistically!) w/ social anxiety and i relate So MUCH to her and also she’s partially deaf (deaf in one ear). one time she literally played dead to avoid a conversation how Me. (also she loves dogs!!!)
  • min-seo is so endearingly Out There and she loves death and destruction but is just so soft and caring wrt diya it’s so Cute wow
  • you have the opportunity to name their baseball team death bagels i mean come on!!!! incredible
  • akarsha loves pulling random stunts and pranks and a lot of social media meme references are from her it’s so great she’s great
  • noelle is chinese and she’s stereotypically rly smart and well-read, but she’s more than that too and it’s so great i love her too aaaahhh
  • akarsha says things just to make noelle mad and see her reactions and it’s GOLDEN noelle’s mad face is so cute
  • you get to play as all of them throughout the game and it flashes back to their elementary school years as u kind of see diya and min-seo (the main couple) meet each other and become friends and develop feelings for each other 
  • the whole game starts with a dismantling of the ‘damsel in distress saved by the male hero’ story when min-seo proclaims herself the hero of the story bc diya is playing the princess and everyone is like “uh wait can u even do that” and min-seo is like bITCH I JUST DID EVIL DRAGON TIME TO DIE it’s wonderful

look at diya i llove my precious bean:









Christianity has a history of antisemitism and I don’t care if my saying that makes you uncomfortable it’s the truth

More accurately, Christians have, but otherwise I absolutely agree with this statement.

no, in the case of christianity, antisemitism is built into most of the institutions. 

the very foundation of xtianity was built on antisemitism  

1 Thessalonians 2:15 of the new testament literally says that Jews are displeasing to God and the enemies of all of humanity and celebrates “wrath” coming upon them.

And before anyone says thats only about specifically the Jews that killed Jesus and all the other Jews are blameless, in Acts 2:36, Peter addresses the Jews who came to Jerusalem for Shavous, who therefore were not even present when Jesus was crucified seven weeks earlier, and specifically says that they, as Jews, are to blame for Jesus’s death and therefore are bad

John 8:44 claims that Jesus told the Jews that didn’t believe in him that they were the children of the devil and therefore all liars and murderers. In two different points of Revelations, Jews are said to worship at the synagogue of Satan.

Antisemitism has been engrained in Christianity from the very start but y'all want to pretend like it’s just a coincidence

Well ok the point of Christianity is that you have to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, or savior. Otherwise you don’t get into heaven. The Jews believe that the Messiah still hasnt come yet, so that does fall under the “going to hell” category. However, PROPER Christianity is all about love and acceptance regardless of ethnicity, religion, etc. I believe there was a part with the Samaritans regarding that. Unfortunately, some Christians tend to forget that part (I’m dealing with my mom on this subject constantly). Even further, the Jews in the New Testament that had had Jesus killed were basically examples of how mainstream Judaism had strayed away from what God wanted it to be (money, power, hate, etc got in the way). Because Judaism was also originally about love. So is Christianity against Judaism the religion? Yes, I suppose. Is Christianity against Jews the people? Hell no, and any Christian who tries to restrict Jews because of their religion is not a Christian at all

I don’t know how to even addrsss this


So Christianity hates Jews thank you for reinforcing my point

Christians have no place criticising the Pharisees and/or Sadducees, and every time you shit on Pharisees you are shitting on rabbinic Judaism and that’s antisemitic.

when the fake marrieds just [clenches fist] fall in love


parents (and this can also apply to doctors, teachers etc.) need to start taking children seriously when they say they’re in pain.

 If your five year old struggles to walk and often cries in pain then something may be medically wrong. don’t just put it down to growing pains or a tantrum.

if your seven year old ever has trouble keeping up in school, something may be wrong. don’t just assume that they aren’t trying hard enough. 

If your nine year old is often spraining or dislocating their joints and is covered in unexplained bruises, something may be wrong. don’t assume they’ve just been “playing rough”. 

if your eleven year old says they can’t play sports in school because they’re struggling/hurting, something may be wrong. don’t assume they’re making an excuse to get out of it. 

if your thirteen year old says they can’t do a “simple” task, there may be something wrong. don't assume that they are making excuses. 

if your fifteen year old can’t get out of bed in the morning or goes straight to bed after school and they’re tell you that they’re exhausted every day, something may be wrong, don’t assume they’re just a lazy teenager.

stop assuming that all of these experiences are normal and that they happen to all children. if this sounds like your child they could have a chronic illness. so please, if you think something may be wrong with your child you are probably right and you need to get them medical help. The doctors may not listen and use one of the excuses above, but please keep fighting for them because you’re the only one that can. 

Many chronically ill children (like myself) go undiagnosed and unbelieved until adulthood and by that point many of us have got progressively worse and the illness has taken over our lives. However, A parent believing, supporting and fighting for their chronically ill child makes all the difference.  Whether you’re a parent, another family member, a teacher or even a doctor, Learn how to recognise the signs of a chronically ill child. Help chronically ill children get a diagnosis early on. 








I hope Wikipedia doesnt go bankrupt it will feel like the end times . I think I will literally panic

Encyclopedia Britannica is always there

there’s this place called a library. and they have these things called books. and then there’s this thing called Google Search. where you can find books in PDF form.

Wikipedia is user edited. you can literally put anything you want in an entry almost. I think you know where I’m about to go with this.

You’re condescending and annoying. I am attached to Wikipedia out of sentimentality it’s always been there for as long as I remember and reliable to me for some casual trivia. Wikipedia is iconic and I love her. go write a research paper or something

who let high school teachers find tumblr

me: hm i wonder how many countries drive on the same side as the UK

friend: let’s check wikipedia in 2 seconds on our phones

some asshole on tumblr: um excuse me why don’t you stop what you’re doing to go to the library and look it up in an outdated book that’s edited maybe twice a decade and that definitely doesn’t have a single page article called “list of countries with left-hand traffic”

also “user edited” really doesn’t mean as much as you think it does. there are millions of people displaying accurate information, for every one person displaying inaccurate information. and that inaccurate information is usually changed quickly, and the person who made it can get their ip blocked from wikipedia if it was bad enough. way more accurate than textbooks or a library.

Librarian here! I’ve worked at both academic (college/university) and public libraries, and let me tell you this: most print encyclopedias are useless garbage we can’t get rid of fast enough. With the exception of subject-specific sets which we need to buy again every few years because the information has become outdated, most of the information in any volume of an encyclopedia is far more accessible and far more in-depth on the internet. 

Wikipedia as a reference resource is fantastic because, just like print encyclopedias, it serves as a jumping-off point for research… and so do librarians! A librarian isn’t going to just write your paper for you, we’re going to point you to the books, articles, and websites that contain the information. Wikipedia is great for that, too, because any article that gets more than a bit of traffic will wind up with sources and external links. But print encyclopedias don’t go that far in citing their sources, and because they’re static media, the references may not only be outdated, they might be entirely inaccessible due to age, obscurity, or cost of access.

And there’s an interesting thing about all those books we have on the shelves… anyone can write one, and usually they only have a handful of other people checking their work. Academic journals are somewhat notorious for the ease with which a completely falsified paper can see publication (especially in cases of electronic journals), but printed books can also be easily falsified, whether as a result of publishers with an agenda or just fact-checkers slacking off.  

 As has been pointed out above, wikipedia is really great at getting obscenely specific in terms of the topics of articles. It’s an amazing collection of data, and more importantly, it’s an amazing collection of sources of data.

The role of a reference librarian and a wikipedia editor are basically the same: show you a brief summary of the information you need, and point you to more in-depth, reliable sources.

October 23 2017








I love how performative wokeness on the internet has taken the concept of cultural appropriation from being about exploiting, harming, and/or misrepresenting societies, and bastardized it into this white nationalist style bullshit about “culture is about tradition and heritage and family n and is never ever ever ever to be shared or mixed in any way, even respectfully, because mixing muddies and destroys pristine cultures, which are only truly authentic if they are quarantined away from any outside influence or people.” Seriously, Richard Spencer himself has said that he likes this shit, because it’s “racial consciousnesses" for sjw cucks. Also, this bastardization of the concept does fuck all to actually, you know, help communities who are affected by actual appropriation.

But hey, as long as you win that sweet sweet #woke cred for screeching up and down on Twitter and Tumblr because some teenager wore a yukata that their host family in Japan gave them as a gift, or getting into slapfights about whether or not flower crowns are cultural appropriation (and if so, then from which culture!?) then it’s totally worth it!

“Seriously, Richard Spencer himself has said that he likes this shit, because it’s “racial consciousnesses” for sjw cucks.“

I will reblog this every fucking time I see it on my dash.

Seriously, guys, it’s disrespectful to refuse to participate in someone else’s cultural activities due to fear that some other person who isn’t a member of their culture is going to come along and yell about appropriation.

Yes, you can wear that yukata or sari that your friend gave you or urged you to buy, at appropriate times, and yes you can take selfies if photos are not forbidden at the event. No, you do not have to show up to events in jeans inappropriate western clothing just to avoid offending a complete stranger on the internet who isn’t part of the culture you’re visiting.

Yes, you can buy jewelry and accessories made by individuals in their traditional styles that they make and sell in order to support themselves and their communities. And you can talk them up to your friends, too. People literally need to make a living, and this is way better than corporations stealing their designs and works for mass cheap production. Members of the community generally won’t sell you anything that’s truly sacred and not meant for outsiders.

Yes, you can learn the theater, dance, and other arts of a culture if you are invited to do so. Refusing a personal invitation is rude. Yes, the person inviting you knows you have no idea what you’re doing. (A school program is an invitation, by virtue of it being offered.)

Yes, you can accept thank you gifts that are from the culture of the giver and display them to show your appreciation. To expect thank you gifts to be limited to your own cultural heritage is inappropriate. Depending on the culture, hiding gifts away in a box may be rude as well.

Yes, you can learn languages. Please do.

Yes, you can eat food that is served to you, and if someone offers to teach you to cook it, you can learn that.

Yes, you can watch movies or tv, listen to music, and generally enjoy the arts that a culture has developed, while recognizing that this doesn’t make you an expert on that culture.

Be respectful, be polite, be humble. You’re not an authority because you did something once or watched some tv, so don’t claim that. But also don’t let people shame you for being curious about the world and accepting and open to the people in it.

There is a world of difference between “Yes, I will happily join you in this, since you offered” and “This is mine now.”

reblogging for the awesome commentary by @wrangletangle

Saying to someone who is attempting to share their culture with you that you won’t participate because you think it would be appropriation is just another way of taking control of their culture away from them. If you really truly don’t want to participate, do it for your sake, not for what you have decided is their sake.

Sharing my culture with friends is part of how I maintain my cultural identity in isolation. Participating in the culture of my adopted home is part of how I find and maintain my place in the local community. These things are also true for Bae, and I don’t doubt true for many others.

To prevent us from sharing our cultures as we see fit is to deny us freedom to openly express our cultural identities. To prevent us from participating in our host culture is to segregate and exclude us.

It really is just about listening to the people who are part of that culture.  If they say ‘here, let’s share’ then share!  If they say ‘please don’t’, then don’t.  It’s literally that easy.








I just learned that some websites use cookies to adjust prices. That is, if you visit a certain website a lot the price will increase.

You can tell if that’s the case by checking the same web page on a different browser if you have a different number of stored cookies for that site. I checked something on Chegg and it was $14.95 on Chrome, $19.95 on Firefox, and $16.95 on Safari.

The fix? Clear your cookies for that website.

Reblog, save a wallet.

Plane tickets almost always do this!


When you’re looking for plane tickets and waiting for prices to drop, ALWAYS clear your cookies beforehand and switch between browsers. A friend of mine was looking for a flight and getting prices that were the CHEAPEST at $800-1000, I sent her a link for a round trip that was like $495, and it read as $900 on her computer because she had been hounding the airline site. 

alternatively: avoid all this headache by using incognito when shopping for plane tickets, text
books, etc

Hotel rooms are notorious for this, as well. Just like, go on incognito mode to look at these sites, saves u a lot of time & hassle.

Bruh I ain’t never know dis thank you man

Yo this goes for Amazon too- if you go back to an item, it’ll jack up the price.  Clear your cookies and save your wallet!

oh nooo, it’s too cute: “I have a wonderful wife. I have lived with her for 40 years already and every day is a festival.”

5428 7524



Where exactly the Hogwarts Express came from has never been conclusively proven, although it is a fact that there are secret records at the Ministry of Magic detailing a mass operation involving one hundred and sixty-seven Memory Charms and the largest ever mass Concealment Charm performed in Britain. The morning after these alleged crimes, a gleaming scarlet steam engine and carriages astounded the villagers of Hogsmeade (who had also not realised they had a railway station), while several bemused Muggle railway workers down in Crewe spent the rest of the year grappling with the uncomfortable feeling that they had mislaid something important.


Reblogging with @gentlect‘s tags because DYING!!! 


A Relatable Autism Feel™

which piece of my meal do I eat last. Which Flavour will be the Chosen One that will Erase all others and Prevail. 

October 22 2017

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i can’t believe all the people losing their shit over this post are the same people who make ‘triggered’ jokes.

Here’s the thing.

If you at all monitor your language based on your audience—avoiding curse words in front of kids, using bigger words in front of your boss—you obviously care about the impression your words give people. 

Do you avoid talking about the attractive sex after your bestie’s breakup? Congratulations, friend, you’re being a decent human being.

Your friend wishes you call them Charlie instead of Charlotte. It’s just a nickname. Would you say “No, your birth certificate says Charlotte so I’m calling you Charlotte?”

Your co-worker tells you that he gets extremely uncomfortable when you clap him on the shoulder, due to a creepy uncle who did the same thing. Do you make a point to clap him on the shoulder every time you see him?

It is really not that difficult to be “politically correct.” It does not mean that you must eliminate all opinions completely, it merely means—at a basic level—that you should attempt to be aware of your audience and how your words and actions affect them. 

Don’t call it being “PC,” if you must. Call it being “aware and empathetic.” Being a human with decency and respect for other people, cultures, and experiences.

^boom. couldn’t have said it better myself.

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I… have so many tabs open… my phone stopped giving me numbers and started giving me sass

Mine has a :D

Lollllll I’m crying is that when the tabs reach 1000???????

I also have the :D but I have no idea how many tabs I have open. I am……afraid to find out.


something that people really dont understand about ADHD is that we dont “jump from one idea to the next”

we have very fast, very associative minds that connect ideas. we have a train of thought, it just goes WAY faster than yours!

example: im thinking about dogs. that makes me think of pitbulls, which makes me think of an animal planet show i enjoy. the show connects to tv in general, which makes me think of my favorite cartoon. i associate my favorite cartoon with art and animation, and i wind up thinking about shading techniques.

TL;DR: having ADHD is kinda like playing a lifelong game of 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

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